Monday, October 29, 2007

Oil Prices...I know why they're so high

So oil is now at $93/barrel. Last summer I was betting my dad they wouldn't go above $60. No money on it, thank goodness. Yes, it's going to go higher. But why? OPEC has been trying their darnedest to control it. Way to go OPEC, for thinking of us. We salute: SALute! Some say it's the Kurdish unrest, others the Nigerian unrest. However, they apparently don't have my keen Mel-Gibson's-crazy-character-regarding-kidnapped-son (am I mixing my movies?) ability to pull together random news into logical, yet somehow unbelievable twists. So here it goes:
The Red Sox's win...there's bound to be an Argentinian on the team, right...okay, so maybe they've met Argentinian President Kirchner whose wife, Cristina, is now president-elect. She perhaps knows someone in Israel (or Gaza, but not likely) who happened to cut fuel to Gaza. Now, the Gazans send a shout out to their buddies in Syria who are hanging with the Turks (Likely? Really? I have no idea.) The Turks are all like "Whassup?! S**t, we're gonna mess with that." And then then the Turks cause trouble with the Kurds, which BBC says caused oil increases.


Anonymous said...

Sigh... Debaloo, Debaloo, Debaloo... You know you really shouldn't drink and blog at the same time.

Trust me, I know this firsthand.

debaloo said... could tell, huh? It was just a martini.

sigh, it all started so innocently.

Anonymous said...

I usually stick with my two buck chuck (I like the Shiraz), but then I get two tired to blog.

Anonymous said...

I meant too. Damn dyslexia.