Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Gap's self-imposed sentence misses the mark

On BBC news this morning, Gap reportedly used child labor for a particular girls' smock. Now, in their defense, Gap is strongly against using child labor and is now scrambling to make it up to their customers. They are having emergency meetings to review suppliers' sources, etc. However, the fact is the shirts have been made. What, you say, are they going to do with them? Destroy them, says Gap. Wouldn't it be better to perhaps give them away, to perhaps the very poor children that are being sold into child labor by their families. Or, in addition, give a chunk of cash to help fight famine in same said areas? Well, Gap, hopefully we won't have a repeat offense, but next time, let's not destroy, okay? Give, help: good. Destroy: even at the hands of child labor, still bad.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like The Gap is trying to distance themselves from this as quickly as possible that they're not taking in consideration the big picture. As you point out, the damage has already been done. Why not bring some good out of it?