Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mightier than thou attitude shattered

Okay, so I check BBC News briefly [procrastination technique, refined in college] before getting into some work that I brought home. Nothing catches my eye, so I scroll down to the 'Most e-mailed stories.' This is usually a hoot ['hoot' came up in a recent meeting and all attending resolved to use it as much as humanly possible] and, frankly, very telling of people's interests. I mean, there could be a major coup in Thailand and the most e-mailed story ends up being about who Prince Henry is dating. Today is no different.

Headlines: French unions strike over reforms.

Most e-mailed story: Cat's daily routine baffles owners

I read this and automatically go into a rampage. "What the hell is this world coming to? Who the hell cares about a damned cat and it's routine? This strike is going to be huge and far-reaching. I must read about that. Why aren't other people? What's wrong with the...what....what's this..."

My eye drifts around and page and catches the title of the second most e-mailed story: "Man marries bitch to beat curse."

I click and succumb.


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